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New Zealand Dirt Bike Clubs is the representative body of all of the non-MNZ affiliated off-road motorcycle clubs in New Zealand. The benefits for non-affiliated clubs in being part of New Zealand Dirt Bike Clubs include:

  • A group insurance scheme

  • The sharing operating documents / rules / information on Health and Safety etc.

  • Having a group to discuss combined events concepts

  • Have the body talk for the combined clubs – the club is not alone in the event of a significant event or track issue

  • Speaks as 'one combined voice' to off-road dirt bike issues

This national body operates as an opt-in collective, with no additional fees being levied to either club or rider. So:

  • no fees to be a member (other than contribution to group insurance scheme).

  • membership is voluntary.

  • as a body, each club has a seat on the table at the combined clubs level.

We use technologies such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Documents for maintaining contact across all of the clubs, with the expectation that once a month the club representatives get together on a conference call to catch up, share ideas and information and collectively talk through any matters that require attention.

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